ORM Enhancer

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 With our goal to support every Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas ( BSP)-supervised  Financial  Institution (BFSI) ,   we offer  Operational Risk Management (ORM)  Enhancer.  The system is composed of  7 modules:

(1) Risk Escalation    

We believe that it is of greater value  if the risks are reported before they become a loss.    This module will  facilitate escalation enterprise-wide and  bottoms-up  & top-down governance  of risk.  Risk Escalation module will help create a culture of risk awareness and transparency within the organization.

  (2) Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) 

Contrary to common and wide-perception, controls should  not slowdown, but rather must hasten the process.   This is only possible if the controls are not redundant and commensurate to the risks.  With Risk and Control Self-Assessment Module,   appropriate controls on all assessed risks  can be performed with great ease  factoring  the perspective  of all  stakeholder in each process. The organization need not  wait for   the new regulations deadlines  to  determine what should be done.  The module will help facilitate    enterprise-wide compliance to regulations.

 (3) Key Risk Indicator (KRI)  

A bank is safe in just accepting deposits, but that is not what a bank is  for. It must take the risks in lending and offering new products  as financial intermediary.    In taking risks,  appropriate  risk indicators must be on hand.  Our Key Risk Indicator Module will  facilitates formulation, monitoring  and triggering appropriate actions from business unit.  We believe that  KRI helps define risk appetite or target quality levels.  It is not a limit, rather it’s the level in which higher level of management should be informed.

(4)  Process Mapping   “The whole of risk management process is greater than the sum of its parts”

(5)  ORM Quant   “You cannot manage well,  what  you cannot measure”

 (6) Consumer Protection  (EOY2017)“Protecting customers is protecting  your business’ long term goals”

 (7) Risk I-pod and other tools.




  For inquiries & demonstration, please email  admin@opsriskexcellence.com or opsriskexcellence@gmail.com.


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