We  accept   project-based operational risk management framework implementation.  Beyond compliance to regulations, we think of  the  end-to-end sound governance, heightened culture of risk awareness and competitive advantage which  operational risk management  will bring  to the financial institution and in the industry.   Project components are:

ORM Enhancer. System that will automate the tools which can be linked to all processes, may it be  classified as  business or technical and /or front, middle and back office.

Advisory. Policy and process development.

Training.  Classroom training for all operational risk officers and coordinators.

Assurance.   Data capture and risk assessment validation.

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For  Credit Risk Management, we  develop  Borrowers Risk Rating and Facility Risk Rating  for Large Corporate Loans, SMEs, consumer lending,  micro-financing and the like.  

For  Market Risk Management, we  provide Value at Risk (VAR) Modelling  and tailor fit market risk monitoring reports.  

Websites for these disciplines are under development.